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How-To Configure a Proxy Server in an Android Smartphone:

How to configure a proxy server in an android smartphones  Normally most of the Android smartphones have an option to configure proxy settings (i.e. Settings->Wireless & networks->Wi-Fi settings and press the menu button->Advanced). But  few of the latest Android phones don’t have an option to configure the proxy settings. In such a case you can use “Opera Mobile” instead of the default browser. You can download “Opera Mobile” from the Google Play.Turn on your Wi-Fi and get connected to the desired Wi-Fi network. Then follow these steps


  1. Type opera:config in the address bar and click go.

       2. Type proxy in the Quick find box.
Opera Proxy

       3. Under the Developer Tools tab

Developer Tools
  •   Uncheck the "Proxy Auto Connect” check box.
  •   Type the proxy port in the Proxy Port text box.
  •   Click on the Save button.

    4. Under the proxy tab 

  •  Make sure that the “Enable HTTP 1.1 for proxy” and “Enable start with HTTP 1.1 for proxy” are unchecked.
  • Type in the proxy name in the “HTTP server  and “HTTPS server”text box(Format of the proxy name: “proxy.*.*:port”  -without the quotes). For example
  • Click on Save button.
Then you will be able to open webpages without any trouble. If you still have any problems, please feel free to post your queries as comments below.
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