Friday, September 7

The most intelligent virus | ”The Flame”

Flame virus has been described as the “most sophisticated cyber weapon” when it was first analysed at the Kaspersky lab.The flame virus is basically a Trojan that can replicate across removable media and local networks without getting noticed for a very long time by the victims (being as huge as 20MB).

It is written with C++ code linked in Lua scripting language.The flame resembles more like its predecessors “The Stuxnet” and “The Botnet” and is 20 times more complex that the Stuxnet.From this we infer that it would have been created by the same creator who created the Stuxnet and the Botnet.                                                     
Reason for creation:
                                           The main reason to create this virus was to attack the government ministry’s servers in Iran and in other countries. Unlike other normal viruses which were created to steal money from banks, this has been created particularly to attack the government servers.

              1. Gather data files.
              2. Record audio.
              3. Gather information about nearby discoverable Bluetooth devices.
              4. Store information from the input boxes including the passwords       and IMs.
              5. Take screenshots.
              6. Act according to the antivirus software that the victims use.
              7. Change the settings of your computer.
              8. Self-destruct mechanism (if commanded by the master).
              9. Extremely stealthy.
             10. Can be controlled remotely by its master.
The gathered data are then uploaded to the control servers that are located all over the world. The flame virus gets transmitted only to those selective devices that its master commands to.
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