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Avira Introduces Protection Cloud Technology

Avira is one of the most famous free Antivirus software available, and they have been successful in providing complete protection against Malware for over 25 years and having 100 million customers on roll, they are now the first ones to introduce Protection Cloud technology (The technology of the future) and that too for Free.

Avira's cloud protection

What is Cloud-Computing?
Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared software, resources, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand and in short it means providing  infrastructure as a service.
A schematic representation is given below,

Cloud Computing

What are the benefits of Avira’s Protection Cloud?

The main benefit would be that the protection cloud gets updated in real time so that your computer is even protected against the newest malware definition and more over your computer gets direct access to the Avira’s cutting edge super computers grid and gets the best malware protection and the scanning would be done as light as a feather because Avira uses only its resources to scan and not much of yours and thus not decelerating your computers performance and you to get a real time update about the information of the latest malware discovered.

How it Works?

The Avira Protection Cloud client prepares a list of frequently targeted sites by malware and produces a digital fingerprint of each file and is sent to the Avira Protection Cloud and once the files are uploaded into the cloud they are scanned and the results are displayed in the Technical Preview Client.

Basic System Requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
Internet connection
Windows XP SP3 or Higher.

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Image source: Avira
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