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Yahoo's New CEO is Google's Longtime Exec. Marissa Mayer !

Marissa Mayer (The Googirl turns out to be a Yahoogirl)

The most hyped topic in the Techworld, in the recent times is that who would be crowned the next CEO of Yahoo! after the former CEO, Scott Thompson's resignation in May.
 Since May Ross Levinsohn was functioning as the temporary CEO and was also expected to become permanent. The company had already faced the regime of short termed CEOs.
The Yahoogirl !
The Yahoogirl !
But then Yahoo!'s High-level recruiter was holding talks with Marissa Mayer since June 18, requesting her to take up the high profile job. Marissa Mayer , the 37 year-old VP of Google , who had been the No.20 Google employee in 1999 and was the first female engineer. Then she turned out to be a celebrity in the Techworld and one of the most eminent personalities of the tech giant Google.

Now she has turned out to be the CEO of Yahoo!, a struggling tech giant in recent times. In her 13years of experience at Google, she has only been a techie. Now, the question is, has Yahoo! made the correct decision to appoint Mayer as its CEO, which involves a huge amount of administrative knowledge. In my point of view, she would be the need of the hour for Yahoo! as it has to compete with its counterparts like Google, Facebook, etc. in this highly competitive sphere. Moreover Yahoo! has run out of options but however finally it has made the correct decision of poaching the correct CEO.

Why Marissa Mayer?

Like all top-level executives of Google, Mayer, was also a Stanford university grad from where she got a bachelor's degree in symbolic systems and a master's degree in computer science, both with a specialty in Artificial Intelligence. Then she went out to join Google in 1999 as its first female engineer and its 20th employee. Where she played a major role in developing very famous Google products like Spartan search homepage, Gmail, Google News, Google Earth, Google Images, and many others. And recently, she was responsible for Google Maps and its related location-based services. After 13 years she emerged to be one of the high-ranking professionals in Google. She would be the correct choice as of now for yahoo as it needs more technical help. Moreover a Google source disclosed that she accounted for about 20%-25% of the company overall.

How Yahoo! Lured Mayer.

Marissa had accepted Yahoo!'s offer because she then would become one of the most powerful women in the Silicon Valley and to be broad for the whole of American business too! As a fact only 18 companies in the Fortune 500 had female CEOs. Moreover Yahoo! did lure her with a huge pay package that could sum up to $129 million over five years , if she is able to get the company up and this sum was more compared to her immediate predecessor Scott Thompson.

She then made a surprising statement on 16th July 2012 that she was six months pregnant with her first child and would probably give birth to on October 7. This news came as a surprise just after hours the news that she was Yahoo!'s next CEO came out. She had praised Yahoo! for not having neglected a pregnant woman to run the company. Now she is setting an example for all women and is sure that her pregnancy will not interfere with her high-profile job.

Some words from Mayer:
"I helped build Google, but I don't like to rest on my laurels. I think the most interesting thing is what happens next" to a San Francisco magazine.
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