Friday, July 27

The Flutter App For Windows

Those who have experienced that awful moment when you have to pause your music in your music player but can’t find the right window, here is the solution to your problem The Flutter App (Available on The Mac App Store & Windows). To play or pause music all one has to do is wave his palm in front of his webcam!

The Flutter App

About Flutter:

Flutter which was initially introduced for the Mac platform by Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala (The co-founders of this App) in the month of March 2012.Flutter was an instant success in the App store within two weeks of its debut, it was even ranked one among the top 5 free entertainment apps in the App store over 14 countries.
 After its successful debut in the Mac Platform, this App was recently released for the Windows platform. This solution which was developed by Flutter, a startup in Y Combinator’s latest batch of companies will further be developed by adding more gestures to control other functionalities like Skipping Music, liking it, Mute, Volume adjustments, etc.

Basic Requirements:

OS (Operating System):  MAC OS or Windows 7 ;
Web Camera ;
·        Supporting Music Players:  VLC, iTunes, Spotify, Quicktime. ( Winamp & Windows   Media Player) - For windows 7. (Also being developed for YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, etc.)

How Flutter Works?

How Flutter Works?

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  1. Cool !!!!
    But waiting for more functionalities like Skipping Music, liking it, Mute, Volume adjustments etc !!!!!!!